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15 Marie Skłodowska-Curie PhD positions in plant epigenetics

We are happy to announce 15 open PhD positions for highly motivated candidates from the fields of plant sciences, ecology, (epi)genetics, (epi)genomics, computational biology or bioinformatics! The EpiDiverse network facilitates close collaboration between individual PhD projects. These projects provide an excellent opportunity to receive cross-disciplinary doctoral training and to do cutting-edge research in plant epigenetics.

The EpiDiverse research focuses on three wild plant species. For each of these species, research groups from computational biology, molecular genetics and ecology team up to address the genomic basis, the molecular mechanisms and the ecological significance of epigenetic variation. If you want to do your PhD in one of these research fields and like the idea of contributing to, and learning from, such cross-disciplinary teams - we are looking for you!

EpiDiverse provides a comprehensive training program that includes summer schools, workshops and exchange visits to different groups in the network. We will offer training in molecular, genomic, computational, and ecological aspects of studying epigenetic variation, as well as in transferable skills. Students will be part of a group of 15 PhD students from across Europe that will all work on similar questions, and that will regularly meet and interact.

For more information or to formally apply for a PhD position please go here:


EpiDiverse network

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