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Assistant or Associate Professor perennial crops

Assistant or Associate Professor perennial crops

Wageningen University, Netherlands


We offer a position at the assistant or associate professor level. Perennial crops produce a wide variety of products (coffee, tea, rubber, cocoa, oils, fruits, pharmaceuticals etc) quintessential to human life and demand is increasing rapidly. Despite this importance, production of these crops lags far behind what is possible. Furthermore, global climate change has been projected to negatively impact production of most perennials and increased production should not go at the expense of natural biodiversity (e.g. destruction of- or cultivation in rain forest). Both public and private sectors are keenly aware of these problems. In spite of this urgency, there is still relatively little knowledge of the physiology and ecology of perennials or how they respond to environmental (climate) change. Research tools that are well-established in annuals still need to be developed or improved for perennials. Finally, linkages between perennial crop production, ecosystem services and other farm functions and local/regional value chains are poorly understood especially for smallholder dominated crops.

We seek a highly motivated plant/crop eco-physiologist or ecologist with a keen interest in and preferably experience in perennial crops.

The focus of the research is:

  • furthering the physiological and ecological knowledge of these crops,
  • integration of this knowledge in quantitative crop models,
  • analysis of the perennial production systems (including agroforestry) considering ecological sustainability and climate resilience.

Research involves collaboration with public and private partners. This is a combined research and teaching position: the successful candidate will be actively involved in developing and teaching crop science and/or related subjects.

Function Requirements
We are looking for a candidate with the following qualifications:
  • a PhD in the area of plant sciences, ecology, physiology or agronomy;
  • a strong publication record in top quality journals;
  • well-developed modelling skills;
  • affinity with environmental and/or socio-economic agricultural questions, and application of science for societal goals;
  • experience in acquiring and managing externally-funded research projects;
  • affinity and preferably experience working with public and private partners;
  • affinity and preferably experience with teaching.

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Wageningen University, NL

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