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Doctoral student in Biotechnology specialized in enzyme technology/bioprocess technology

Doctoral student in Biotechnology specialized in enzyme technology/bioprocess technology

Lund University, Sweden


ScanOats is a newly established industrial research centre in collaboration between the academy and the industry. We conduct basic and applied research on oats and oat-based products. Oat is an important crop both for the Swedish agriculture and for the food chain. ScanOats is unique in the sense that we cover the entire chain from basic research, genome sequencing, cultivar development, field testing, mild processing and fractionation, and clinical health trials. 

Subject description
Biotechnology is of key importance for the transition to a sustainable society. Biotechnology research develops and exploits microorganisms or components of microorganisms to attain useful technological goals with environmentally sustainable methods. The areas of application include environmental biotechnology, industrial biotechnology and biotechnology in healthcare.

The specialisations of the research studies subject are: i) microbial and enzymatic methods of producing chemicals, materials and energy carriers from renewable raw materials; ii) increased use of biorefineries through use/development of biotechnical methods/tools; iii) biotechnical methods of cleaning contaminated environments; iv) development of efficient microorganisms and enzymes through methods of molecular biology and enzyme technology as catalysts for these processes; v) insulation and use of microorganisms and enzymes from extreme environments; and vi) development of bioanalyses and biosensors for use within the healthcare, environment and processing sectors. The research includes both basic studies and direct applications within the area. 

Work duties
The main duties of doctoral students are to devote themselves to their research studies which includes participating in research projects and third cycle courses. The work duties may also include teaching and other departmental duties (no more than 20%). 

The research will mainly be conducted within the research program Scanoats, which is a an industrial research center funded by the Swedish foundation for Strategic research, SSF. The aim of the projct is to develop new carbohydrate products based on oat fibre. The developed production processes is expected to contain biotechnology based steps. Typical products are food ingredients with positive health effects. The work will be conducted at the Division of Biotechnology at Kemicentrum, Lund University, in collaboration with researchers within the other subprojects of Scanoats as well as with the ScanOats industrial partners Lantmännen, Oatly and Swedish Oat Fiber.


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Lund University, SE

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