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PhD - Mechanisms of the regulation of photosynthesis for nitrogen fixation in Trichodesmium

For its expansion, the Department of Plant Biophysics and Biochemistry in the Biology Centre of the Academy of Science, České Budějovice, Czech Republic, searches candidates for 1 doctoral (PhD) student

Position summary
The project of this PhD student aims at extending the understanding of mechanisms of the regulation of photosynthesis for nitrogen fixation in Trichodesmium, for more realistic estimation of the productivity of the oceans. This marine, filamentous, diazotrophic cyanobacterium has a particularly fast regulation of photosynthesis. Phycourobilin isoforms turned out to be the key players in the fast regulation during the daily activity cycle (by their reversible (un)coupling to/from photosystems) as well as in the long‐term regulation (by changes in their expression levels) in response to iron and light stress, they shall be the main focus of this project.
This will involve UV/VIS fluorescence kinetic and FRAP measurements for investigating biophysical properties, combined with metalloproteomics for investigating effects of iron limitation, RAMAN spectroscopy and pulsechase stable isotope labelling for analysing accumulation/transport of metabolites.

The Department of Plant Biophysics and Biochemistry (PBB, headed by Prof. Hendrik Küpper) as part of the Institute of Plant Molecular Biology (IPMB) within the Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences (BCAS).
The department was recently awarded a 4.9 Mio € grant from the Czech Ministry of Education with co‐financing from the EU, which now allows for its expansion incl. additional team members and further high‐end research instruments (e.g. ICP‐sfMS, μXRF). The department is interested in the physiology, biophysics and biochemistry (incl. molecular biology) of photosynthetic organisms (terrestrial and submerged higher plants, algae, bacteria).
The main focus is on metal metabolism (uptake, physiological use, sequestration, complexation, detoxification, toxicity) and photosynthesis regulation. It employs various biochemical and biophysical methods from the whole organism to the molecular level.

Further details: PBB:
This is a collaborative project with Dr. Ondřej Prášil a the Algatech Centre in Třeboň (‐285‐ondrej‐prasil‐s‐group.html) and Tomáš Polivka at University of South Bohemia

Conditions of contract
Employment can start on 1 March 2017, or later depending on mutual agreement. The contract will be initially for one year (with 3‐month probation period). Afterwards, the contract may be extended for up to three years total in which the PhD should be completed. Wage will be 25,200 CZK gross per month with about 2.5% increase per year, which is clearly above Czech average for PhD students.

Interested candidates must have successfully obtained an MSc degree in a relevant discipline and should have previous experience in microbiology, ideally combined with a background in biophysics and/or biochemistry.

Furthermore, the candidate should have some theoretical knowledge and practical experience in at least one of the following areas: physiology, biophysics, biochemistry, protein biochemistry. An interest in environmental questions and problems would be a further benefit. The candidate needs to have a good knowledge of spoken and written English in order to be able to fluently communicate with the team and to write scientific manuscripts for publication in international journals.

How to apply
Interested candidates should apply by submitting the following documents and information as one complete pdf file to
‐ A cover letter (max. 1000 words) explaining why the candidate believes to be suitable for this post
‐ A detailed CV including lists of publications, other achievements and previous professional experience
‐ Academic transcripts and diplomas (scanned copies)
‐ A list of minimally one referee whom we may ask by telephone or e‐mail before or after the interview.

Evaluation procedure and Announcement of results
The position will be filled once the evaluation committee has found a well suitable candidate. We will invite potentially suitable candidates min. 1 week in advance for an interview to be held as a Skype videoconference, and candidates will be informed of the result max. 1 month. after the interview.

Department of Plant Biophysics and Biochemistry in the Biology Centre of the Academy of Science, CZ

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