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PhD position - Arabidopsis epigenetic and reproduction

PhD position - Arabidopsis epigenetic and reproduction

University of Bern, Switzerland


Job Specification

DNA methylation of cytosine residues is one of the key epigenetic mark present in organisms ranging from plants, insects to mammals. Proper establishment and maintenance of DNA methylation is necessary to maintain genome integrity and on more discrete loci involved in development and cell differentiation by repressing gene expression. We are particularly interested in how DNA methylation is transmitted and/or modified during sexual reproduction in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Job Profile

We are looking for enthusiastic candidates holding a Master in Biology and having a strong curiosity to study fundamental biological questions.

Experience in at least two of the following fields is required: molecular biology, microscopy, epigenetic, small-RNA, development, plant biology, reproduction and genetics.
Fluent English is necessary.


More information to be found here


University of Bern, CH

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