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PhD Position - Plant-Herbivore Interactions

PhD Position - Plant-Herbivore Interactions

University of Bern, Switzerland


Work Contract

Background: Plant toxins strongly influence plant-herbivore interactions. Our laboratory aims at unravelling the mechanisms and hidden dynamics of plant-toxin mediated plant herbivore interactions to improve our understanding of nature and find new approaches for sustainable crop production.

Job Specification

The current PhD will combine molecular biology, analytical chemistry and ecology to contribute to this aim.

We look for an enthusiastic and ambitious PhD student with a strong interest in plant- herbivore interactions.

Job Profile

Applicants should have a firm background in one or several of the following fields: molecular biology, biochemistry, plant physiology, analytical chemistry and entomology.

All our projects are highly integrative and require willingness to embrace multiple biological sub disciplines. Proven capacity to master technology driven approaches is important. Fluency in English is a prerequisite for this position. An excellent MSc. degree (highly ranked University, top 10% of study year, graduation between 1.5. 2014 and 31.12.2017) is expected.


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University of Bern, CH

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