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PhD scholarship in Plant Synthetic Biology

PhD scholarship in Plant Synthetic Biology

Technical University of Denmark, Denmark


We are seeking a talented and ambitious PhD student to work on engineering of the moss Physcomitrella patens. The aim is to establish several autotrophic moss mutants. The PhD in Plant Synthetic Biology, project number 5 is part of the Marie-Curie ITN-EID project  

The overall mission of DTU Bioengineering is to contribute to research, development and education within the scientific areas of Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biomedicine and Systems Biology. In particular, this position is placed in the Section of Synthetic Biology and aims at strengthening our activities within photosynthetic cell factories.

The vision of MossTech is to expand the available biotechnological tools for the European biotech industry. Europe is world leader in industrial biotechnological use of mosses. The simple moss plant, Physcomitrella patens has been developed as a biotech platform over the last 25 years. With MossTech, we will expand the biotechnological use of green cell cultures based on mosses and establish novel bioengineering tools to be used in Physcomitrella and at least 10 other moss species.

Responsibilities and tasks
The PhD project (project 5) will aim to Establish an auxotrophic Physcomitrella.

The auxotrophic plants will form the background line to be used for production of novel fragrant home plants to be sold as living mosses in US. An auxotrophic moss will enable novel selection methods for genetic modifications, and meet rigid environmental regulations in new markets for Taxa Biotechnologies.

This include: 

  • knocking-out the genes that are known to be responsible for metabolite synthesis, to establish the auxotrophic mutants
  • Established mutant lines and test their survival ratio.
  • Grow auxotrophic mutants on soil to mimics the natural environment, and show the ecological impact of the mutations.

Your key tasks as a PhD student are: 

  • Manage and carry through your research project
  • Take PhD courses
  • Write scientific articles and your PhD thesis
  • Participate in conferences
  • Teach and disseminate your research


More information to be found here

Technical University of Denmark, DK

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