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PhD scholarship for studying molecular mechanisms of Plant-Microbe-Insect Interactions

PhD scholarship for studying molecular mechanisms of Plant-Microbe-Insect Interactions

Utrecht University, Netherlands


Job description

The aim of the project is to get insight into the molecular mechanisms that underlie the complex interplay between plant signalling pathways that are induced in tomato plants by diverse simultaneous triggers, namely

  1. beneficial rhizobacteria (Pseudomonas spp) that enhance plant resistance to pests and diseases by priming for defences,
  2. herbivorous insects,
  3. pathogenic microbes and
  4. different abiotic contexts (drought, shading).

An RNA-Seq-based transcriptomic approach is followed to study modulation of beneficial microbe-primed defences when plants are attacked by insects, whether or not in combination with other stressors. This will reveal signal integrative hubs, which together with hormone and metabolome data, will increase our understanding of how primed plants regulate their immune system under diverse conditions. Results will be integrated with existing data sets, mostly of Arabidopsis, which are available in the lab, and with parallel experiments done by other ESRs (PhD students) to evaluate the context dependency of microbe-induced plant resistance.

This PhD position is associated with the larger European training network MiRA, with fourteen other colleagues with a PhD position at other participating institutions. We strongly encourage candidates to also apply for other similar positions within the MiRA network.


More information to be found here

Utrecht University, NL

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