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PhD Student in Physiological Plant Ecology

PhD Student in Physiological Plant Ecology

University of Basel, Switzerland


The Physiological Plant Ecology group of the University of Basel investigates the ecophysiological processes in plants that determine the fluxes of water, nitrogen and carbon in natural and agricultural ecosystems. The goals of our research are to understand how plants operate in the context of their environment and to reveal how plants shape the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. The open position is within the ERC project HYDROCARB, where we seek to determine the potential of stable hydrogen isotope ratios (δ2H values) to assess the carbon metabolism in plants. Such a new application of δ2H values would be highly relevant to address important scientific questions that range from global change ecology, plant breeding to paleohydrology.
Your position
The key objective of the advertised PhD project is to perform experiments with different vascular plant species under controlled environmental conditions to identify the processes that shape the δ2H values of organic compounds in plants.
Your profile
We are looking for a dynamic, reliable and motivated student with M.Sc./Diploma in biology, biochemistry, organic geochemistry or related disciplines. Strong interest in process-oriented research in plant physiology and biochemistry and hands-on experiences with analytical instruments (stable isotope mass spectrometers) are beneficial. Teamwork within the group and project partners requires spoken and written English language skills.
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University of Basel, CH

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