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PhD student in the research education subject: Food science

PhD student in the research education subject: Food science

SLU Uppsala, Sweden


New starch for novel applications

Starch is one of our most important raw materials for sustainable production of food and technical products within the agro-industrial sector. Its properties are governed by the starch structure that varies widely between different raw materials such as potatoes or cereals. The structure and thus the properties can also be affected by processing with for example heat or mechanical treatments. In our research, we have recently found new ways to link starch properties to chemical structure and we intend to expand this work in a new PhD project. One purpose is to understand how the biosynthesis controls structure and thereby aid plant breeding to develop varieties with desired properties. Starch is a relatively cheap commodity that has great potential to be used in more products than today if new varieties can be developed. The project includes laboratory work with chemical analyzes and is partly carried out in collaboration with other researchers. The results will be presented at scientific conferences and published in international journals. There will be opportunities for scientific exchanges within the project. The position is funded by SLU and external contributors. The Department of Molecular Sciences conducts research and teaching on food and raw materials composition and quality, where aspects from consumers, industry, agriculture and society are considered.


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SLU Uppsala, SE

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