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PhD Student - Stress biology and Phytophthora interactions with potato

PhD Student - Stress biology and Phytophthora interactions with potato

SLU Alnarp, Sweden


Today, much of the fungicides in Swedish agriculture are used for potato crops, even though potatoes comprise just over one percent of cultivated land. This is largely due to the disease late blight, caused by the very dynamic Phytophthora infestans. Consequently, there is a need for new sources of resistance in order to counteract the continued evolution of these pathogenic microbes and to develop sustainable agricultural practices. Pivotal in this work is to better understand the plant-pathogen interaction and the defence response mechanisms in potato. To identify candidate key players in plant- pathogen interactions for further functional assessments, we have generated RNA, quantitative proteomics and phospho- proteomics data from different life stages of the pathogens as well as from potato genotypes with varying resistance. We have also screened wild Solanum material. The mechanisms at play will be further elucidated and validated by several  molecular and biological assays. Experiments are carriedout  in controlled green-house environments and in field trials, and both genetically modified (GM) and non- GM plants will be used.

We seek a student who wants to explore a career in plant science. The successful applicant will partly be funded by the foundation for environmental strategic research. The research group forms a part of Plant Link, a Centre between the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Lund University.


A master degree, or similar university higher degree, in molecular biology, plant science, plant pathology or functional genomics. Knowledge of bioinformatic tools and computational methods to handle, explore and visualize large datasets are valued. Experiences of laboratory research project and/or of plant handling are preferable. Good knowledge of spoken and written English is required.


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SLU Alnarp, SE

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