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Postdoc - Cropping systems ecology with focus on soil microbial ecology in production grasslands

Postdoc - Cropping systems ecology with focus on soil microbial ecology in production grasslands

SLU Alnarp, sweden


The Department of Biosystems and Technology performs research and education in several agricultural and horticultural disciplines. The Cropping Systems Ecology Group focuses on the function, design, management and sustainability assessments of multifunctional cropping systems and their components in an agroecological perspective. The goal is to apply the knowledge on the production of healthy and high quality food and fodder, as well as feedstock for bioenergy and biomaterials, in conventional and organic agriculture with regard to environmental goals and climate changes.



The person employed on this post-doc position will work in the new project BIOINVENT, investigating soil microbial community structure and function in production grasslands with different levels of management intensity; from semi-natural grasslands to intensive ley production. The project includes five European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Portugal-Azores and Sweden) with two agroecological regions in each country, which means a north-south gradient in some cases and high-low altitude in other. The post doc will focus on soil sampling in Sweden and perform microbial analyses based on soil samples from the entire consortium. The field sampling includes plant inventory of the studied grasslands. The post doc will extract and analyse the fatty acid composition as indicator of the occurrence of different functional groups of soil microorganisms, and perform soil nutrient availability analyses. The project will lead to increased understanding of how the grassland management influences the soil microbial community structure and function, as a decision support for improved management of soil ecosystem services such as carbon storage and nutrient retention. This knowledge will be important for the development of management systems that lead to improved nutrient use efficiency in agriculture in synergy with the conservation of biodiversity. 


The applicant should hold a recent PhD in biology, ecology or agricultural science with focus on soil microbial ecology or equivalent. Experience of field work, field experiments and laboratory work is required. The applicant should have documented experience in soil microbial ecology where PLFA and NLFA has been used together with soil chemical analyses. Experience of plant ecology research and the use of multivariate statistics are considered as advantages. Excellent scientific writing and communication in English is expected. Drivers licence is a requirement.


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SLU Alnarp, SE

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