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Postdoc - Fine-scale chromatin dynamics in response to light

Postdoc - Fine-scale chromatin dynamics in response to light

University of Zurich, Switzerland


Work Contract

2 years Post-Doc: Fine-scale chromatin dynamics in response to light high-/super resolution microscopy, image processing, 3D FISH, nuclear organisation

Dr Baroux’ Lab, University of Zürich, Switzerland
In collaboration with Dr Barneche, Paris, France

Plants have the extraordinary capacity to adapt their development and physiology in response to light, which is at the nexus of plant’ sessile life style. Light has a rapid and spectacular influence on plant cells’ chromatin organization, from single genes to higher order nuclear architecture. This underlies a profound reprogramming of the transcriptional pattern within a few hours.

Job Specification

Brief description of the project
In a collaborative work with the Barneche lab, the candidate will perform a quantitative and functional analysis of chromatin organization changes at fine-scale upon light perception. Specifically, she/he will quantify the spatial distribution of chromatin structural domains at the microscopic and nanoscopic level using TEM imaging of ultrastructural chromatin domains (own or service-based sample preparation/images), 3D STED microscopy imaging of immunostained PolII foci, 3D FISH and customized image processing established in the lab. To gain a functional insight of the regulatory mechanisms the analysis will include a series of candidate mutants affected in both the light perception pathway and in nuclear organization. Finally, an explorative task is proposed to investigate the optical properties of nuclear domains using digital holographic microscopy.


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University of Zurich, CH
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