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Postdoc - Plant Developmental Biology

Postdoc - Plant Developmental Biology

SLU Uppsala, Sweden


A Post-doctoral position is available at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Uppsala to investigate how plants regenerate wounded tissues. In particular, this project will investigate how after cutting, grafted plants fuse tissues and connect their vasculature across the graft junction.

Research Environment:

The Post-doc position is funded by the Wallenberg foundation, and the successful applicant will work in the group of Charles Melnyk ( for an initial period of two years. The department is located in the recently built Uppsala BioCenter at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Uppsala is a lively university city, conveniently located close to Stockholm (40 minutes by train) and Stockholm’s main international airport (25 minutes by train).


Plant grafting is a widely used techinque in horticulture to improve yields and introduce disease resistance, but we have little idea how mechanistically plants graft. The aim of this Post-doc is to build upon recent discoveries made in grafting (Melnyk et al. 2015. Current Biology. 25(10):1306-18) and to understand the mechanism by which plants fuse tissues and connect the vasculature at a cut surface. The project will use a combination of forward and reverse genetics to build upon recently obtained transcriptomics data. The project will include several international collaborators and will focus on understanding the role of hormones, cell wall modifications, plasmodesmata and mechanical force to ultimately better understand how plants regenerate tissues. 


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SLU Uppsala, SE

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