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Postdoc Plant-soil-insect interactions

Postdoc Plant-soil-insect interactions

Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands


Key responsibilities

The post-doc will study how plant and aboveground insect communities in natural grasslands are shaped by soil microbial communities. The local composition and abundance of soil communities depend greatly on the plants that are growing in the soil, and the performance of plants, in turn, is determined by interactions with these soil organisms. This results in plant-soil feedbacks and the candidate will study how plant soil feedback can be used to alter composition and functioning of ecosystems. The post-doc is expected to design and set up a field experiment in grasslands in the Dutch dunes where soils will be manipulated by first growing specific plant communities on the soil or by inoculating soils collected from different plant communities.
We are looking for a post-doc with field work experience, to study plant-soil community interactions in the field, the spatial and temporal dynamics of these plant-soil feedback interactions, and to carry out microcosm experiments in growth chambers. Experimental approaches can include collecting and analysis of plant, soil and/or insect communities, measuring ecosystem processes, reciprocal soil and plant transplantations, and approaches to disentangle the effects of different parts of the soil microbial community.
The post-doc is also expected to coordinate the 4-week BSc course Ecology of Leiden University.

Selection criteria

  • PhD in ecology;
  • Field work experience;
  • Strong motivation, enthusiasm, ability to work independently;
  • Experience with plant communities, and plant-soil interactions or plant/insect interactions demonstrated in scientific publications;
  • Ability to identity plant species in the field is an advantage;
  • Good communicative skills (fluency in English required) and good statistical knowledge;
  • Teaching experience;
  • Good collaborative skills.


More information to be found here

Universiteit Leiden, NL

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