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Postdoctoral Fellow - Weed Science

 Postdoctoral Fellow - Weed Science

AgResearch New Zealand


The Role

The role of this position is to provide the underpinning science to better understand herbicide resistance evolution, risks and management in pastures and cropping systems in New Zealand. The country is unique globally in the development of herbicide resistance in weed populations in permanent grasslands and the recent discovery of evolved resistance to glyphosate in Lolium spp. in vineyards has raised concerns about the potential for, and economic consequences of wider occurrences. The job holder will work with colleagues both within and outside of AgResearch to deliver high quality scientific outcomes focussed on predicting and managing herbicide resistance evolution. The successful candidate will develop connections with industry stakeholders and develop a sound understanding of the challenges posed by the evolution of herbicide resistance.


  • You will possess a good knowledge and demonstrate previous experience working in the areas of weed evolutionary biology/herbicide resistance
  • You will design, maintain and execute experiments trials to further the understanding of evolution and impact of herbicide resistance in New Zealand
  • You will collate and interpret experimental data and effectively communicate findings in scientific literature and to stakeholders
  • You will form effective collaborations with other relevant research teams and support personnel within and outside of AgResearch

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AgResearch, NZ

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