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Postdoctoral or Software Developer

Postdoctoral or Software Developer

University of Basel, Switwerland

The group of Prof. Erik van Nimwegen is seeking a post-doc or software developer that is interested to work on an exciting and challenging project within the field of computational analysis of bioimages. You should be motivated to develop image analysis software for high-throughput segmentation and tracking of time-lapse microscopy data from experiments on single-cells grown in microfluidic devices.

he new project will build on recent work we performed in collaboration with the group of Gene Myers and Florian Jug of the MPI-CBG in Dresden, in which we developed a new tool, MoMA, for segmenting and tracking time-lapse microscopy data from experiments in which single-cells grow inside microfluidic devices (Kaiser et al. Nat Comm 2018). Your task will be to go beyond MoMA's current capabilities, e.g. by incorporating neural network based segmentations, with the aim of enabling high-throughput analysis without the need of human curation. Your contributions will enable us to build the first high-throughput analysis pipeline, enabling unprecedented quantitative analysis of single-cell regulatory responses to environmental changes. The initial phases of the project will involve extended visits to the Jug lab in Dresden.

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University of Basel, CH
Until filled

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