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Professor in Plant Pathology

Professor in Plant Pathology

University of Aarhus, Denmark


The Department of Agroecology (AGRO) seeks to develop its research, teaching and advisory service within statutory plant health. The professor should have special emphasis on molecular characterization and diagnosis of important pathogens of plant health concern, including fungi, bacteria, nematodes and viruses. The development and implementation of novel methods such as meta-barcoding for characterization of single pathogens and also microbial communities will have high priority. It is also the aim that the professorship should link different activities at AGRO by collaborating with other research groups by providing the newest technologies for microbial characterization.
Sustainable Pest Management is one of the research areas in which the Department of Agroecology is particularly strong and from which results are delivered in line with national and global societal challenges and goals. On the European level the department is among the leaders in the field of sustainable pest management and has research activities in all disciplines of plant protection research. 

The efforts in the area of sustainable pest management are carried out across the six research sections in the department. We draw on the core competencies in biology and regulation of pests in agricultural and horticultural crops, biological control, the fate of pesticides in the environment, the effects of natural chemical substances in agricultural crops, decision support systems, crop quality, crop nutrition physiology, life cycle analyses, and farmer behaviour with regard to crop protection.
The professorship is centrally placed in the institute’s servicing of the national plant health authorities with up-to-date diagnostic protocols, knowledge and risk assessments for pests of plant health concern and supporting the industry with up-to-date diagnostic tools and protocols. The professorship will be centrally placed in maintaining and renewing the Institute’s scientific network in plant health exemplified by participation in EU projects on plant health and in the phytosanitary network EUPHRESCO. 
Successful candidate 
You are expected to: 
• be responsible for the development of the research area and implementation of basic and applied research 
• establish synergies between your own research and other related research activities to secure the needed interdisciplinary approaches 
• maintain a strong national and international network of contacts with leading research groups, as well as pursuing industrial contacts within the agro industry 
• support the development of comprehensive research-based teaching activities and participate in assessments of students at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD levels 
• be responsible for effective knowledge exchange with society, industry and the Danish Government
• successfully attract external research grants from industry, national and international sources 
• develop and contribute to relevant educational courses at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level 
• participate in MSc, PhD and post-doctoral training and be responsible for the educational guidance of assistant professors/postdocs.
The following professional and personal qualifications are required: 
• PhD degree or equivalent qualifications within plant sciences
• Documented experience as an international research leader in relation to plant pathology 
• Documented research qualifications at professorship level
• Experience in communication of research in a wide context 
• Ability to strengthen national and international cooperation within the research area 
• Documented ability to attract research funding from both industrial and public sources 
• Documented experience with supervision of postdocs, PhD and MSc students 
• Documented teaching experience
• Documented leadership skills in relation to international collaboration and development of interdisciplinary research teams
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Aarhus University, DK

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