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Professor of Plant Physiology

Professor of Plant Physiology

Radboud University, Netherlands



As Professor of Plant Physiology you will lead the research group and investigate topics within the broad field of plant-environment interactions. In your research, you will apply state-of-the-art approaches in, for example, molecular physiology, biochemistry, genetics, genomics, metabolomics, plant eco-physiology. Your research should have scientific novelty with good opportunities for external funding and potential applications. The research lines will inspire collaboration among different disciplines and cross-links with existing expertise within the Plant cluster and with other research groups within the Institute for Water and Wetland Research (IWWR).
You will be responsible for university courses that may cover plant development and evolution, genetics, and plant physiology in the first two years of the Bachelor’s programme in Biology, and more specialised courses in the last year of the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. Your teaching effort will comprise up to 40% of the appointment.

Work environment

You will become part of the vibrant research and teaching community of the Institute for Water and Wetland Research. Our scientists are determined to make the Institute’s joint mission a success. The Institute provides excellent research facilities and technical support. A competitive start-up package will help you make a head-start with realizing your research ambitions.
The IWWR and the Faculty of Science are financially sound institutions within Radboud University, a middle-sized university with 20,000 students. Strategically located in Europe, Radboud University is one of the leading academic communities in the Netherlands. It is a place with a personal touch, where top-notch education and research take place on a beautiful green campus, in modern buildings with state-of-the-art facilities. At Radboud University, we teach and perform research covering the full breadth of the academic spectrum, and contribute to the development of new perspectives within science and within society. This makes Radboud University a successful university with a strong international reputation.
The Faculty of Science is an equal opportunity employer, committed to building a culturally diverse intellectual community, and as such encourages applications from women and minorities. Radboud University strives for a diversified workforce in order to shape education and research from different perspectives. The University is taking targeted action to appoint talented men and women of different nationalities to senior positions and to retain them. To achieve this, young female staff can count on support during their career in the form of a mentor programme.
Radboud University has a number of regulations that support employees in finding a good work-life balance. Focusing on their individual means, we take each employee’s phase in life and career into consideration. Radboud University offers customised facilities to better align work and private life. Parents are entitled to partly paid parental leave and Radboud University employees enjoy flexibility in the way they structure their work. Day nurseries for children aged 0-4 years are available near the faculty buildings on campus. Its good accessibility, extensive cultural offerings, scenic surroundings and historic centre make Nijmegen a great city to live and work in.


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Radboud University, NL

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