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Research engineer - Department of Plant Breeding

Research engineer - Department of Plant Breeding

SLU Alnarp, Sweden


The Department of Plant Breeding at the Faculty for Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science (LTV) at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is looking for a bioinformatician who will handle research projects linked to several world-leading research groups at SLU Alnarp. The current position is part of an SLU effort with several centrally coordinated bioinformatics positions. The person will be working with researchers in various subject areas at the LTV faculty. The position is part of PlantLink, a plant research network formed between SLU and Lund University ( PlantLink’s objective is to stimulate and coordinate plant research in Southern Sweden.

The LTV Faculty has the main part of its activities at SLU Campus Alnarp, and is responsible for research, education, environmental analysis and external cooperation in the fields of landscape and horticulture. The faculty is also active in the areas of agriculture, food production, health, quality of life, environment and water. The faculty has six departments and several centers and other entities. SLU Campus Alnarp is located in Sweden's most dynamic agricultural, horticultural and food region. It is a few steps from the sea and near the student cities of Lund and Malmö and metropolitan life in Copenhagen. The Öresund region is in an expansionary phase where knowledge, education and research have a central meaning.


The successful candidate will be placed at SLU Campus Alnarp and interact with plant researchers and other bioinformaticians at both SLU Campus Alnarp and Lund University. The person will work in close collaboration with experimentalists.

Plants produce many thousands of chemical compounds and an important task will be to try to link sequence information and gene, protein and metabolite regulation to plant production and signaling as a response to the environment.

The position is connected to NBIS (National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden), a national network of over 50 bioinformaticians, which provides bioinformatics support to life science researchers in Sweden.


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SLU Alnarp, SE

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