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Research Fellow in Plant Biology

Research Fellow in Plant Biology

Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia


Requirements for the candidate

A candidate for a research fellow must have a doctorate (PhD) or a corresponding academic degree in biology, more narrowly in plant physiology, ecophysiology or ecology. The candidate, in addition to the requirements set out in the job description for teaching staff and research staff in the EMÜ, (4.8) is expected to have the knowledge, skills and experience to study plant volatile organic compounds and gas exchange, to conduct experiments using the appropriate equipment (PTR-TOF-MS, PTR-Q-MS, Walz, LiCor) and methodologies and to demonstrate capability to upgrade experiment-specific equipment (gas exchange equipment and electronic components). International research and publishing experience on the topic is required.



The main task of the researcher is research on plant volatile organic compounds and gas exchange, as well as the tasks performed by the professor - the scientific leader, including:

  • Participation in research projects;
  • Planning and conducting experiments, technical support (setting up and upgrading the equipment)  and data analysis;
  • Regular publishing in international peer-reviewed scientific journals or publishing equivalent scientific publications in collaboration with colleagues;
  • Instructing and supervising students;
  • Dissemination of information on his/her field of research in the Estonian society by the media and by public appearances.


Work Performance Indicators
Work is effectiveness is evaluated based on the tasks completed.


  • Ask for appropriate work conditions and facilities for the performance of their duties;
  • Participate in meetings where topics related to his/her work are discussed;
  • Apply for and to be elected on posts which are announced in the EMÜ on the basis of open competition for elected posts.

Contact person:
Prof Ülo Niinemets,

Tiia Kurvits,, 55908819

Estonian University of Life Sciences, EE
Until filled

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