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Research Group Leader (f/m) - Seed Development

Research Group Leader (f/m) - Seed Development

IPK Gatersleben, Germany


The position is open immediately and is initially available for up to five years. After this period and positive evaluation, a permanent position will be offered.
Within the research focus areas of the Molecular Genetics Department, vegetative growth and seed formation, the research group Seed Development addresses growth and differentiation processes in seeds, primarily of cereals. Main emphasis is given to the analysis of developmental processes of cells, tissues, and organs in seeds which start with fertilization or the initiation of apomictic events and that end with seed maturity.
This concerns determination of cell and tissue identity and control of growth and differentiation and the involved signalling and regulation mechanisms. They are investigated with modern molecular biological and systems analysis approaches. The research group Seed Development closely interacts with other complementary research groups of IPK, in particular of the Dept. Molecular Genetics, who i.a. investigate metabolic processes during seed filling and who are experts in plant phenotyping (mainly using non-invasive 2D, 3D, and 4D approaches), in image analysis, molecular and systems genetics, as well as network analysis and modelling. The group is thoroughly involved in the main research areas of IPK and contributes to collaborative large-scale investigations of plant performance in varying environmental conditions and towards elucidation of genetic causes and molecular mechanisms resulting in phenotypic variation.

Your tasks:
As research group leader you carry out independent and internationally highly visible research within the frame of the goals of IPK and the Department Molecular Genetics. You instruct and guide the members of your group and you raise third party research funding. In addition, you are involved in and support institute- and department-wide research initiatives.


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IPK Gatersleben, DE
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