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Research student (2 years) in the research education subject: Horticultural Science, specialisation in Business

Research student (2 years) in the research education subject: Horticultural Science, specialisation in Business

SLU Alnarp, Sweden


Plant Factories – future high-tech farming systems

Within the economics group at AEM, at SLU, Alnarp, our research areas focus on marketing, consumer behavior, strategy, entrepreneurship and production economics. The focus is on issues connected to sustainable food consumption in the producer and consumer interface, as well as corporate strategies, all within the value chain of food.

Vegetables are thought to play a decisive role in a more sustainable, healthy and climate-friendly food consumption. Plant factories are high-tech closed production systems that enable continuous production and harvesting, regardless of season and climatic conditions. The cultivation concept is based on technical solutions that make the cultivation independent from land access, creating completely new conditions for urban production and cultivation. Plant factories and the technology used in these closed cultivation systems are already applied in several countries, but in Sweden the production method is still not commercialized on a large scale. What does an increased range of products grown in Plant Factories mean to growers as well as consumers, as well as to other stakeholders in the Swedish food chain? How are these products perceived and how are the conditions for Plant Factories to be a sustainable alternative, both economically, socially and environmentally?

 We are looking for you who want to investigate how Plant Factories are perceived by consumers as well as companies and other actors in the Swedish food chain. The doctoral student (Licentiate 2 years) is employed and has a main supervisor at the department for Work Science, Business Economics and Environmental Psychology and will have an assistant supervisor at the department for Biosystems and Technology, SLU, Alnarp. Cooperation between the departments is a strategic initiative at the LTV faculty with the aim of strengthening cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary research and increasing scientific cooperation between disciplines.

The subject of the project is horticultural science with a focus on business administration and the applicant is expected to investigate the issue from a systemic perspective, that is, how does this production system relate to other parts of the food system. The project will also illustrate Plant Factories from a sustainability perspective, thus studying both economic, social and environmental sustainability factors in relation to plant factories. The project has a clear interdisciplinary profile and it is important that the applicant has an interest in assuming such a perspective on the project.


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SLU Alnarp, SE

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