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Scientific Specialist: Molecular Plant Pathology

Scientific Specialist: Molecular Plant Pathology

Rothamsted Research, United Kingdom


We have an exciting opportunity for a Scientific Specialist (Molecular Plant Pathology) to join the Wheat Pathogenomics Team whose primary aim is to improve our understanding of resistant and susceptible responses involving interactions between fungal pathogens and their hosts cereal crops and model plant species.

Rothamsted Research  has an excellent track-record in wheat research, plant pathology and functional genomics. Over the past 5 years the Wheat Pathogenomics Team established existing and developed new plant virus-derived tools such as Virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS), Virus-mediated protein overexpression (VOX) and Host-induced gene silencing (HIGS) that allow rapid and relatively inexpensive analysis of gene function in wheat and / or the interacting fungal pathogens. The post-holder will assist in several functional genomics projects involving application of these tools, initially focussing on fulfilling objectives of the Topic 2.2 “Durable resistance to pathogens and pests” of the BBSRC funded cross-institute strategic programme “Designing Future Wheat”. 

An ideal candidate will have a PhD in Plant Biotechnology, Plant/Crop Genetics, or similar discipline and be highly motivated, enthusiastic and creative as well as have excellent knowledge of plant functional genomics techniques, and proven skills in Plant Virology and/or Molecular Plant Pathology (fungal pathogens) and experience working with wheat and/or other cereal crops. In addition to conducting innovative research of an international quality, the post-holder will be responsible for presenting internally to colleagues and externally at scientific conferences, assisting with the preparation of grant applications and reports and with writing research manuscripts and review articles. They will also undertake knowledge exchange duties such as interacting with collaborators and participating in consultations with relevant breeding and biotechnological companies, in public engagement events.


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Rothamsted Research, UK

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