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Senior lecturer in cropping systems ecology

Senior lecturer in cropping systems ecology

SLU Alnarp, Sweden


A position as senior lecturer in cropping systems ecology, focusing on analysis, design and multi-criteria sustainability assessment of diversified cropping systems is available. The position is located at the Department of Biosystems and Technology within The Cropping Systems Ecology (CSE) group.


Subject area:

The general subject area is cropping systems ecology. The CSE group develops the knowledge on the interaction of cultivated crops with each other, cultivation methods and the surrounding environment. Activities in the CSE group within this area include research in agricultural science, crop production science, and agroecology, with special focus on design and sustainability assessment of cropping systems, nutrient cycling, plant-soil interactions, sustainable soil and weed management.

The overall aim of research and teaching within the CSE group is to enhance sustainability of cropping systems within Swedish or global perspectives in conventional and organic agriculture. Research frequently involves participatory research methodology with farmers and/or other stakeholders in multi-actor platforms. The CSE group teach at the bachelor, master and PhD levels in English and Scandinavian languages, focusing on sustainable development of cropping systems and using knowledge from scientific and practice-oriented literature as well as from empirical research and case study approaches at the farm level.


The senior lecturer will strengthen research and teaching on cropping systems ecology and sustainable development of crop production in a Swedish and global food system perspective. Research focus for the position is: design and sustainability assessment of diversified cropping systems for production of legumes for food and feed; transformation of cropping systems based on participatory research approaches, and; ecological intensification of cropping systems facilitated by agroecological principles such as crop diversification, sustainable soil management and plant-microbe symbioses. Research is carried out in farmer’s fields, field experimental stations and controlled environmental conditions.

The senior lecturer will contribute to teaching at SLU in topics within agroecology, cropping systems ecology and crop production science and supervise bachelor, master and PhD students within these areas.


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SLU Alnarp, SE

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