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Senior Researcher Plant Phenotyping

Senior Researcher Plant Phenotyping

VIB, Belgium


The VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology (PSB) in Ghent, Belgium, is a world-leading institute in plant sciences. Its mission is to integrate genetics, genomics and bio-computing to unravel plant biological processes and to further translate this knowledge into value for society. PSB has invested significantly in the development and operation of automated, high-throughput plant phenotyping systems to support plant research within the institute and in collaborations with external partners (phenotyping@PSB).

Job description

In the Systems Biology of Yield group of Prof. Dirk Inzé, a position is open for a senior researcher in plant phenotyping. He/she will support the existing plant phenotyping systems and their further development, and provide expert knowledge on plant phenotyping in current and future projects. Besides handling the technical aspects of plant phenotyping, the senior researcher will perform research on plant growth, development and functioning in crop species, and by means of phenotyping, in particular in the PHENOVISION plant phenotyping system (Phenovision@PSB). The senior researcher is expected to incentivize colleagues and students in the field of plant phenotyping, and take part in the development of plant phenotyping capacity at the department level.


For this challenging position, Prof. Inzé is looking for a driven and committed person with a hands-on mentality, perseverance, a critical mind-set, a great sense of responsibility, and the following competences:   

  • PhD in a field relevant to plant phenotyping, preferably with a combination of experience in both the generation and interpretation of phenotypic trait data
  • experience in the design, execution and analysis of phenotyping experiments to solve biological questions related to plant growth, development and physiology
  • a good understanding of environment-plant interaction and its effect on phenotypes
  • experience in advanced image analysis for the extraction of relevant biological information out of image data, including one or more programming languages (C++, Java)
  • experience in data analysis (preferably using R) in the context of plant phenotyping experiments
  • experience in data management in the context of plant phenotyping
  • a profound interest in the technology and the design of automated plant phenotyping systems
  • demonstrated project management skills
  • demonstrated leadership skills, including the ability to motivate colleagues, organize tasks, and guide PhD and Master students


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