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Several PhD students (natural, agronomical or bioinformatics sciences)

Several PhD students (natural, agronomical or bioinformatics sciences)

IBG-2 Juelich, Germany


Within its graduate program “Quantitative Plant Sciences” the Institute of Bio- and Geosciences - Plant Sciences (IBG-2) seeks several

PhD students (natural, agronomical or bioinformatics sciences)

for a 3 year position.

Plants provide biomass for the growing demands in a world with increasing population, less fossil resources and higher risks for the environment. Plants are the basis of a future bio-economy, where renewable raw materials from plants are used for delivering healthy food to a growing population as well as for non-food applications for materials, chemicals and energy. Plant production is affected by climate change and plants are key elements in mitigation of climate change.
On the basis of molecular, physiological and ecological expertise, the Institute focuses on integrated concepts for an intensified and sustainable crop production. New technologies, such as phenotyping with non-invasive methods combined with bioinformatics, open up new opportunities to generate and apply knowledge on plants for a sustainable bio-economy.

Ph.D. positions are offered in the following themes:

Topic 1: Phloem function at elevated CO2 concentration.
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Topic 2: Structure and functional understanding of plant vascular system as a model for heat and cold transport in biological and technical supply systems.
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Topic 3: Root water uptake in drying soils and plant adaptations to water shortages.
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Topic 4: Effects of renewable fertilizer on wheat root morphology
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Topic 5: Dynamics of photosynthetic carbon supply to root symbiotic co-existence: Visualisation and quantification of carbon tracers to test importance of soil and biotic factors
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Topic 6: Insights into carbon partitioning and storage root initiation and development of wild cassava accessions (Manihot esculenta Crantz) – STRIDE
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Topic 7: Enabling high-performance imaging spectroscopy for the field.
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Topic 8: Development and application of deep learning methodologies to various high-throughput, imaging-based plant phenotyping pipelines.
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More information to be found here

IBG-2 Juelich, DE

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