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EPSO’s strategy is implemented by its members and staff.

Contact us to join our activities:

- Science and science policy (EPSO, GPC, ISE, Plant ETP), members, observers, association relations: Karin Metzlaff

- Personal membership, office, accounts, meetings: Nathalie Franck

- Internal & External publications: Calum MacKichan

If you have a general question or in case the person you wish to talk to is not available, please send an email.

or call the office at: +32 22 13 62 60

Karin Metzlaff – Executive Director

Karin MetzlaffKarin has been the executive director of EPSO since its creation in 2001. She works with the EPSO members and other partners to promote plant research in the European science and science policy arena by overseeing the EPSO Working Groups, providing advice and recommendations to politicians at European, multinational and national level. Karin represents EPSO in the Initiative for Science in Europe, ISE and the Global Plant Council (GPC). She is a member of the European Commission High Level Steering Board on Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability and of the Steering Council and Executive Committee of the European Technology Platform ‘Plants for the Future’ and. Karin is responsible for all member, observer and association relations of EPSO.

Before creating EPSO, Karin has been project manager of twelve EU-funded plant research projects for two years. Karin has postdoctoral experience in various areas of plant sciences at the John Innes Centre Norwich (United Kingdom), the Federal Health Office (Germany) and the Martin-Luther University Halle (Germany). She obtained her PhD in plant genetics at the Martin-Luther University Halle.

Nathalie- Executive Assistant

Nathalie Franck is responsible for the day-to-day management of the EPSO office, personal membership and any administration and general queries. Nathalie administers the EPSO and EU project accounts. In addition she supports Karin with the organisation of our workshops and brainstorms, as well as the joint EPSO-FESPB Conferences.

Nathalie holds a Masters degree in translation from the University of Mons and spent one year on exchange at the University of Bologna. She speaks French, English, Italian and Spanish. Before joining EPSO in 2014, she  worked as an Administrative and Communications Assistant in a European trade association.

Calum- Publications Officer

Calum MacKichan is our publications officer. His main responsibilities include the management of the EPSO website and social media activities. He is also responsible for writing and editing articles for the bimonthly EPSO e-newsletter as well as for other media and journals.  EPSO members are welcome to contact Calum to receive an article about EPSO and your organisation on your website, in your newsletter or annual report.

He studied Biochemistry at the University of Glasgow, and spent one year on exchange at the University of Queensland in Australia.  He completed his honours year project on light perception in Arabidopsis thaliana, before moving to France for PhD studies in microbiology at INRA, Jouy-en-Josas, close to Paris.  In his spare time he contributes to various publications in print and online. He is fluent in English and French.

Internship Expert - Expert from an EPSO Institutional Member

Each EPSO Institutional Member can offer an Internship Expert to EPSO for a stay of at least 6 months. Please read the ‘Internship Agreement’ and contact EPSO  further information.


Internship Expert Alumni Page

Note:  Each EPSO Institutional Member can offer an Internship Expert to EPSO for a stay of at least 6 months.  Look at the EPSO call for internship experts from institutional members and contact EPSO for the ‘Internship Agreement’ and further information.


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EPSO is an independent academic organisation currently representing 61 institutional members bringing together more than 204 research institutes, departments and universities from 29 countries in Europe and beyond.