The 28th Europe-wide seminar of the series supported by the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO) and aimed at the Plant Science community and its stakeholders. TTT: The seminar will be held online each third Thursday of the month at three (CET). On 14th December 2023 at 15:00 (CET) we will present three talks exploring “The […]

The EPSO Working Group on Nutritional Security finalised its programme for its fourth workshop taking place online on the 4th December 2023. The food nutritional security goal foresees to ensure sufficient, safe, highly nutritious food, sustain local communities and foster correct lifestyles and healthy ageing for all. The current climate change and other stress factors, […]

EPSO is pleased to announce the publication of its 58th newsletter. The shorter public version of the Newsletter is available here. EPSO members can log in and read the full version available in the Members’ Only section. The next edition of the EPSO newsletter will be published in spring 2024. Please send us your articles by […]

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📌Just published, our Autumn Newsletter is packed full of interesting plant science stories, latest news, jobs and events. Take a look👇

#PR_INRAE How can plants grow despite the strong wall which surrounds their cells?🧐Scientists have unlocked part of their secret for building a strong and extensible wall! Find out more about their findings in @ScienceMagazine

Feliz de participar desde @jbotanicomed como coordinadora nacional para Colombia de @PlantDay18May Celebremos las plantas, su belleza y diversidad, y a las personas que las estudiamos 👩🏻‍🔬 🌳 🌺 🧬 #FoPD #FoPD2024

We want to involve everyone in the 7th edition of Fascination of Plants Day around 18 May 2024, a global celebration of plants🌻
If you are from a publicly funded research institute/uni active in plant science or wish to become a partner of FoPD
📨👉[email protected] 🤩

There will be an opening for a PhD-student in my lab (#Plant #Biotechnology and Metabolic Engineering) at #TUDarmstadt, starting next year. Want to work in pathway elucidation and optimization? Send me a PM (or retweet to your community, thanks)

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