The call aims to generate knowledge on how agrobiodiversity can improve resilience of agroecosystems, especially those most at risk, reinvigorate farming practices to increase ecological connectivity and improve biodiversity at landscape level, and to monitor and identify the opportunities and obstacles to diversification.

Proposals submitted to the Call must address one of the three following topics:

1) Agricultural genetic resources:  it includes research aiming to broaden the genetic base of crops to improve functional traits fit to sustainable food systems, and to increase tolerances to environmental conditions related to the climate change.

2) Agricultural practices and farm models: it includes research leading to new agricultural practices, technologies, decision support systems and business models that improve agricultural production and soil quality, creating economic, social, and environmental value through greater diversity of plant species and wider functional and response diversity.

3) Agrobiodiversity and territorial systems: it includes research leading to an increased agrobiodiversity at landscape level contributing also to the regeneration of low-quality agricultural habitats, to the enhancement of ecological connectivity and to a better understanding of the links between farm diversity and landscape complexity.

See the Announcement for timeline and participating countries.

The registration area for consortium coordinators is now open. After registration of the coordinator, the coordinator can invite/add partners through the coordinator account.


The deadline for pre-registration of proposals is May 4, 12:00h CEST.

The deadline for proposal submission is June 22, 12:00h CEST.

The link for the webinar for applicants on 5th of April 2022 will be published soon on the submission homepage.


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