National funders in the European Research Area Network on Sustainable Crop Production (SusCrop ERA-net) opened the video contest on ‘what sustainable crop production means to you?’ on the occasion of the Fascination of Plants Day (FoPD) 2022. 

Please disseminate this widely as the contest is open to EVERYBODY across the world under the following four categories:

  • School children & students
  • Education / research institutes / academia
  • Farmers
  • Open category (artists, enthusiasts …)

to reflect, communicate and inspire on ‘what sustainable crop production means to you?’

The submission deadline is 18 December 2022. The first prize of each category is 1000 euro.

Information is available at the SusCrop video contest webpage.

We are looking forward to inspiring submissions

Karin Metzlaff (EPSO) and Nikki De Clercq (ILVO)

K Metzlaff, EPSO Executive Director and official observer of the SusCrop ERA-Net

N De Clercq, ILVO and Communication Leader of the SusCrop ERA-Net

Read the full news item, the call announcement (English) or the translations into Danish, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Turkish; and the Statement of Agreement.

Contact: Nikki De Clercq