EPSO is pleased to announce the start of its new Working Group ‘Plant Health’. It will focus on the impact of pathogens and pests onto plants and plant protection in agriculture, forestry and the natural (non-human made) environment. It encompasses the continuum from basic to applied research.

It will link for instance to our Future Proofed Crops WG regarding abiotic stress, water and nutrient use efficiency and photosynthesis, to our Nutritional Security WG on crop nutritional quality and the Tree and Forestry Biology and Biotechnology WG.

The WG will meet first time online on 5th July 2022 to discuss the draft statement on plant health and next steps.

Pls discuss this in your organisation and reply to Karin, cc Sofia and the chairs to become a member of this WG best by end April 2022 (we suggest 1-2 expert scientists per organisation interested in this subject). To enrol an expert, please provide the name, function in the institute, 1-3 keywords on the expertise and contact details. Pls confirm as well if the expert(s) will join the 1st meeting on 5.7.2022.


Interested in the other EPSO WGs?

Discuss in your organisation all EPSO Working Groups (see https://epsoweb.org/working-groups/) and let Karin know if you want to add expert scientists to the other WGs.

EPSO members start and coordinate EPSO Working Groups to collaborate on science advancement, networking, strategy and provide science advice to policy. We suggest that 1-2 expert scientists per member organisation join a WG relevant to them.

Membership in EPSO WGs is restricted to experts from EPSO Institutional members. Others can apply to become and observer of a WG


Looking forward to collaborating with you in the Plant Health WG

Beat, Tina, Maria, Gian Paolo, Andreas and Karin

Plant Health WG co-chairs: Beat Keller, Tina Romeis, Maria Jose Pozo, Gian Paolo Accotto and Andreas Voloudakis.

EPSO Executive Director: Karin Metzlaff


Click here to read: Full ‘EPSO Plant Health WG announcement’ and the ‘EPSO Plant Health Draft statement’


  • EPSO Plant Health WG co-chairs:
  • Beat Keller, Uni ZUR, CH
  • Tina Romeis, IPB, DE
  • Maria Jose Pozo, CSIC, ES
  • Gian Paolo Accotto, CNR / IT
  • Andreas Voloudakis, AUA, GR
  • EPSO:    Karin Metzlaff, EPSO Executive Director
  • Sofia Ciravegna, EPSO Executive Assistant