EPSO presents its work on the contributions of plant science to the Farm to Fork and the Biodiversity strategies, EPSO’s activities in different working groups such as Agricultural Technologies, Plants and Microbiomes and Nutritional Security, and science support. Make best use of our series of national plant research structure and funding for your bilateral collaborations, in this issue we feature The Netherlands. Finally note that Horizon Europe first Work Programme 2021-22 is expected end Q1 2021 and that the European Green Deal Call under Horizon 2020 WP 2020 is open.

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Plant scientists are ready to contribute to implement the Farm to Fork and the Biodiversity strategies

EPSO activities

  • The EPSO Regional General Meetings 2020: virtually and concretely successful
  • Agricultural Technology Working Group meets next 24.11.2020
  • Plants and Microbiomes Working Group gathers online for its 3rd workshop- 13-14.01.2021
  • Nutritional Security Working Group
  • Call for EPSO Internship Experts and PhD student trainees
  • Fascination of Plants Day postponed from May 2021 to May 2022
  • PBE 2021 will be hold online 28/06-01/07/2021
  • SusCrop mid-term symposium of research projects and activities planned for 2021
  • Translating the Green Deal into Practice – R&I opportunities for sustainable food systems developed by three Technology Platforms

Members’ news

  • Welcome to the University of Padova as new member
  • CRAG obtains again the Severo Ochoa award and opens new calls
  • TOMRES — increasing water and nutrient use efficiency in tomato
  • CHIC – Chicory as multipurpose crop for dietary fibre and medicinal terpenes
  • CropBooster-P— towards a draft Roadmap to future-proof European crops
  • RESPONSE – 3rd call for PhD candidates open
  • Plant Science pushes boundaries and crosses borders at the James Hutton Institute
  • Phenomics Webinars: an initiative by IPPN, EPPN2020 and EMPHASIS
  • ENDOSCAPE- non-viral gene delivery technology using secondary plant metabolite
  • PSC virtual Symposium 2020: Connectivity–Plant interactions reloaded – 02.12.2020

National, European and global funding:

  • National Research Funding Opportunities in The Netherlands
  • The European Green Deal Call under Horizon 2020 WP 2020
  • Horizon Europe – Work Programme 2021-22 expected end Q1 2021

Career opportunities and (postponed) meetings

 About EPSO

 Contacts: Alexandra Barnoux & Karin Metzlaff, EPSO