EPSO presents its work on the contributions of plant science to Food and Nutritional Security, Human Health and environmental sustainability, EPSO’s activities in science advice to policy towards the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan and on Agricultural Technologies, and science support. Make best use of our series of national plant research structure and funding for your bilateral collaborations, in this issue we feature Norway.

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EPSO challenges and contributions in 2020 and beyond

EPSO activities

  • EPSO advises on science policy: Research and innovation strategies; Agricultural technologies
  • EPSO holds General Meeting 2020 as 9 Regional GM meetings on 2-3.7.2020
  • EPSO Young Plant Scientist Award 2020
  • Call for EPSO Internship Experts and PhD student trainees
  • Fascination of Plants Day — prepare for FoPD 2021 around the world
  • Agricultural solutions for wheat with down-to-earth innovation
  • Nutritional Security Working Group
  • Plants and Microbiomes Working Group 3rd workshop 13-14.1.2021
  • Plant Biology Europe 2020 conference postponed to 28.6.-1.7.2021
  • EPSO Team update

Members’ news

  • CHIC – A game changer for inulin and terpene production
  • TOMRES — increasing water and nutrient use efficiency in tomato
  • CropBooster-P project — towards better equipped crop plants
  • The second Call of SusCrop funds research in sustainable crop production
  • A Common Digital Space for the Life Sciences
  • CRAG has been awarded a MSCA-COFUND Fellowship programme
  • LIFEGENMON Final Conference in Ljubljana / Slovenia, 21–25.9.2020
  • Herbarium genomics
  • Can viruses help us defend plant health?
  • SILESIA, a novel flax cultivar relevant to human health
  • Visibility of European Research Infrastructures
  • Agricultural Systems of the Future and food4future (f4f)
  • PhD fellowship programme RESPONSE – to society and policy needs through plant, food and energy sciences”
  • Plant Science Experiments, an E-book for children and teenagers
  • 19th International Conference “Life Sciences for Sustainable Development”
  • 2nd Cologne Conference on Food for Future13-14.9.2021

National, European and global funding

  • Norway
  • Horizon Europe

Career opportunities and (postponed) meetings
About EPSO

Contacts: Alexandra Barnoux & Karin Metzlaff, EPSO