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Scientists contributing to building a better Europe and world: Stop war in Ukraine! Offer support to Ukrainian scientists. Contribute to food security

EPSO activities

  • Plant Health Working Group: Healthy Plants for a sustainable production – 1st meeting on 5.7.2022
  • 6th Fasci-nation of Plants Day around the 18th May – join the initiative!
  • EPSO Plant Science Seminar starts a second year as a feature in the Plant Science calendar
  • Stick to Science campaign – Put science collaboration before politics
  • Meeting of the EPSO WG Agricultural Technologies 23.11.2021
  • EPSO 5th informal science – policy meeting on genome editing in Europe, online, 4.11.2022
  • The Outreach and Public Dialogue Working Group welcomes your contributions
  • Weave – supporting excellent collaborative research projects across borders
  • Joint Call on Agrobiodiversity by SusCrop ERA-Net and FACCE-JPI
  • SusCrop seminar on sustainable crop production & workshop on innovation – 10-12.05.2022
  • The Future Proofed Crops Working Group will meet first in Brussels in October 2022
  • EPSO workshop linking Diverse Crops, Cropping Systems and Diets for Food and Nutritional Security, 26.10.2021

Members’ news

  • The Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena, Germany – welcome as member
  • CHIC will release videos to better understand the project in 8 languages!
  • Austrian initiative ‘Medicines for Future’ launches development of COVID-19 therapy
  • Towards an increased efficiency of photosynthesis in field food crops within the next decade
  • CropBooster-P assesses the economic, social, and environmental impact of identified strategies
  • The International Barley Hub is looking for collaborators
  • Discover InnCocells’ progress through its podcast and Academy events
  • Engineering betalain biosynthesis in tomato for high level betanin production in fruits
  • Blue light inhibits immune response of potato to late blight disease
  • ASTER – Agroecology-inspired Strategies and Tools in tomato
  • Grant opportunities within the Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) for plant science
  • StressKnowledgeMap compile global knowledge on plant responses to stress
  • Join the 7th International Plant Phenotyping Symposium, IPPS 2022, 26-30.09.2022

National, European and global funding

  • National Research Funding Opportunities in Sweden
  • National Research Funding Opportunities in Austria
  • Apply to COST open call by 20.10.2022 and attend the EPSO-COST Info session on 29.04.2022
  • LIFE Calls 2022 are expected to be published on 17.05.2022

Career opportunities and meetings

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