The signatories ask the negotiators at COP16 in October 2024 and the Pre-COP Conference in Montreal in August to consistently advocate for the preservation of open, free and fair access to digital sequence information (DSI) to harness technological innovation and new solutions to global challenges:

‘We, the undersigned, ask negotiators at COP16 in October 2024:

Please support that open, free and fair access to Digital Sequence Information (DSI) is maintained. We fully support the principle that DSI users should share benefits. However, the mechanism to share benefits must be obligatory, enable open science principles and be legally and technically practical. Therefore, we call for a multilateral and decoupled DSI benefit-sharing system. This means no payments at the point of access to DSI-data nor mandatory registration of users. The multilateral mechanism should also allow and bring visibility to non-monetary benefit sharing from scientific research. We also ask you to support cross-sectoral, harmonized and therefore future-proofed approaches.’

EPSO signed the joint declaration of national, EU-wide and international research organisations and institutions. This was initiated by the German Digital Sequence Information (DSI) Expert Group – representatives from various research institutions and associations who closely relate to the generation and use of DSI.

The declaration was brought to the attention of the European Commission and already some national ministries involved in the negotiations. Further dissemination to national ministries is highly appreciated.

EPSO published its own statement on DSI on 26.6.2018.

EPSO and its members look forward to engaging as a major stakeholder with national ministries across Europe and the European Commission and continues providing scientific input in the course of the discussions with policy makers and other stakeholders.

Read the joint declaration of 1.7.2024 ‘Maintain open, free and fair access to Digital Sequence Information (DSI)’, as well available at https//

Read the EPSO statement ‘Access to Digital Sequence Information must remain open’, 26.6.2018


Nike Sommerwerk, Museum für Naturkunde , Leibniz-Institut für Evolutions- und Biodiversitätsforschung, DE – initiator of the declaration

Frank Hartung, Julius Kühn-Institute (JKI), DE & EPSO Chair WG Agricultural Technologies (incl. DSI)

Karin Metzlaff, EPSO