The EPSO Working Group on Nutritional Security finalised its statement on Nutritional Security and has the pleasure to announce its fourth workshop will take place online on 4th December 2023

Nutritional Security Statement:

 Plant research and innovation can contribute through four main paths to achieve Nutritional Security (NS):

  • Underutilised nutritious fruit, vegetable, and pulse crops: improve their economic performance and further increase their nutritional quality
  • Biofortification: increase micronutrients in staple crops, enrich compounds that enhance the bioavailability of micronutrients, or both
  • Supplements: add beneficial compounds during food processing – the most common strategy until now, but the mainly synthetic compounds need to be replaced by their natural counterparts in future
  • Novel Food: re-design food systems to include alternative, resource-saving terrestrial and aquatic food sources such as halophytes and macroalgae

For all four pathways attention has to be paid to reducing allergens and anti-nutrients.

 The fourth workshop:

UPDATE: The next meeting foreseen in Milan in September is postponed to 4th December and will be held online.

The food nutritional security goal foresees to ensure sufficient, safe, highly nutritious food, sustain local communities and foster correct lifestyles and healthy ageing for all. The current climate change and other stressors, such as world population growth, wars and local conflicts, new emerging zoonotic diseases, are impacting on our dietary choices. To reach the nutritional security goal, there is a need to redesign our food systems towards more sustainable, resilient ones which can be capable of providing enough food with a high nutritional quality for everyone.

In this context, the EPSO ‘Nutritional Security’ Working Group aims to discuss and contribute to defining new paths and solutions for innovative solutions in the food and nutrition area.

Registration and talk title submission should be made by email to Katia Petroni and Angelo Santino until 20th October 2023.

We look forward to meeting you in September!

Katia, Angelo, Monica, Chiara, Marina, Theresa and Karin

Katia Petroni, Angelo Santino, Monica Schreiner, Chiara Tonelli, Marina Korn, Theresa Fitzpatrick (Organising Committee) and Karin Metzlaff (EPSO Executive Director).

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Katia Petroni, University of Milan, IT & EPSO NS WG

Angelo Santino, CNR, IT & EPSO NS WG Chair