See the programme. You can still register at and best notify the organisers by email [email protected] to get quick access.

Science themes include for example: Plant performance under abiotic stress (incl. adaptation to climate change), Cell signaling in plants, Plant Metabolism and bioactive compounds (incl. crop improvement for healthy diet), Plants in extreme environments, Plant evolution and development, Trafficking and transport in plants, Chloroplast biology (incl. molecular and cellular organization of the photosynthetic systems), Carbon fixation and productivity, From plant defense to plant immunity, Plant epigenetics, The plant microbiome, Plant nutrition, Translating plant research from lab to field, Genomics and genome editing for crop design.

As you can see from the programme, EPSO is not only involved in the science sessions, but as well in several other sessions we highlight hereafter for you and link the respective files:

Su, 27.6.

18:00                Art & Science virtual exhibition incl. CHIC project opening (Karin Metzlaff in opening) – public access

Mo, 28.6.

9:00 – 9:30       Conference Opening (LOC, FESPB, EPSO – Alan Schulman)

17:30 – 19:00    Art & Science Cooking Workshop CHIC project part 1 (plenary)

Tu, 29.6.

10:30 – 11:00    Ann-Katrin Beuel – EPSO Young Plant Scientist Award (YPSA)
for applied plant research (chair: Ernst van den Ende; plenary – news item page 3)

15:00 – 16:30    Nagoya Protocol panel discussion on access to genetic resources
(GPC & EPSO – Nils Stein; parallel)

17:00 – 18:30    Art & Science Cooking Workshop CHIC project part 2 (parallel)

We, 30.6.

13:00 – 14:30    ‘Plant Research – European Green Deal – Global Future’ science policy session
(organised by EPSO; incl. Alan S & Ulrich Schurr as experts; Karin M, Aldo Ceriotti & Josef Glössl as moderators; plenary – news item page 4)

16:20-16:50      Apolonio Huerta – EPSO Young Plant Scientist Award (YPSA)
for fundamental plant research (chair: Alan S; plenary – news item page 3)

17:00 – 18:30    ‘The ERC – European funding for frontier research in plant science’
(organised by ERC and EPSO; including Dirk Inze; plenary)

Find full information and the YPSA award announcement and the science policy session in the full news item:

Further attached are the A&S exhibition file, the A&S Cooking workshop file, and the ERC info session poster.


Looking forward to engaging with you at the conference!

Alan, Andrea and Karin

Alan Schulman (EPSO President), Andrea Schubert (Conference organiser), Karin Metzlaff (EPSO Executive Director)

Contacts: Karin Metzlaff, Andrea Schubert