EPSO members value the EPSO career page as they often find their final succeeding candidates through the EPSO career page. With this success in mind, EPSO encourages all its members to disseminate their job offers through the EPSO jobs page to find their next team members at all career stages – from PhD students to director.

In 2021, thanks to its members, EPSO was offering on its career page almost 100 jobs related to plant sciences. Since 2018, the EPSO website has welcomed more than 12,000 unique visitors. The EPSO career page aggregates one fourth of the 48,718 unique page views turning this page in the second most visited page of EPSO website.

Job offers are also advertised on EPSO Twitter to more than 5,600 Followers, on Linkedin and in the bi-yearly EPSO newsletter. Next one will be released in Spring 2022, do not hesitate to share your new opportunities with EPSO.

To submit a job offer for publication, please send the completed job template to EPSO [email protected]. This is free for EPSO institutional Members. For outside submission a small fee applies.