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18 countries with which association negotiations are being processed, or where association is imminent: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Iceland, Israel, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine and UK.

The EC aims for ratification of the association agreements on Horizon Europe association giving third countries access to the research programme by the end 2021.

Today, the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, SERI, confirms that Switzerland will not be considered as an associated country but treated as a non-associated third country. Swiss scientists can participate in Horizon Europe proposals (ca. 2/3 of Horizon Europe is accessible) and will be funded separately by the SERI until new agreements are found.

Some points from the official Status Update of SERI:

  • Switzerland will be treated as a non-associated third country in Horizon Europe, the Euratom programme and the Digital Europe Programme. Furthermore, the EU no longer considers Switzerland a state contributing to the construction of ITER.
  • The Federal Council remains committed to its goal of a full association to Horizon Europe and other related programmes and initiatives as soon as possible.
  • Applicants based in Switzerland must submit their project proposals for the corresponding calls in the year 2021 as participants from a non-associated third country as of now.
  • With this status, project participants in Switzerland can still participate in approximately 2/3 of Horizon Europe and notably in most collaborative projects.
  • The Swiss project partner will not be funded by the EC but by the SERI

Read the full news item below:

Read the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, SERI, Fact sheet on Horizon Europe, 13.7.2021 below:

Karin Metzlaff (Executive Director EPSO)
Roland Peters (Agroscope, CH)