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RNAi_safe is a JKI-internal joint project entitled “RNAi technology in crop protection against aphids: efficacy and potential impact on target and non-target organisms.”

Your responsibilities

  • design and application of RNAi to silence target genes in aphids as a target organism;
  • study of effects of environmental factors on the efficiency of applied RNAi in target and non-target organisms;
  • study of the fate and distribution of the applied dsRNA in the environment;
  • study of the potential uptake of applied dsRNA into bees and predators;

Your profile

  • university degree (Master or Diploma) in Biology, Plant Sciences or a comparable discipline;
  • experience with molecular biology techniques (RNA-isolation, qRT-PCR, cloning);
  • experience in working with RNA silencing in plants or insects will be an advantage;

We offer

a temporary part-time employment with 19,5 hours a week for 36 months. The possibility to obtain a doctoral degree is given. The employment contract


JKI is using an online recruiting system in German. If you see any problems with applying online, send your full application with all documents as one pdf-document to [email protected] reference code QLB -SB-WA-03-22

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