VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology

The VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology (PSB) is a world-leading plant science institute located at the heart of a renowned plant biotechnology campus in Ghent, Belgium. Its mission is to unravel plant biological processes and translate this knowledge into value for society. The ERC-funded lab of Prof. Inge De Clercq aims to understand how plant cells perceive environmental signals (e.g. from attack by pathogens) and translate this into appropriate defence responses. The lab of Dr. Laurens Pauwels focuses on improving genetic engineering of crops such as maize by studying plant regeneration and the interaction of plants with nature’s engineer, Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Please visit us at for more information.

We have secured FWO funding for a postdoctoral researcher as part of a larger collaborative project with the group of Prof. Barbara De Coninck at KU Leuven, who will host a PhD student. Together, you will study novel interactions between Agrobacterium effectors and plant proteins, utilizing the newest techniques in proteomics, such as proximity-dependent labeling. You will also functionally characterize novel plant host proteins in both Zea mays and Arabidopsis thaliana and study the importance of both effectors and host proteins in infection. The project aims at providing a deeper understanding of this intriguing natural interkingdom interaction and may lead to improvements in biotechnological applications.

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