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  • You work in the field of biological barriers in health and disease with a focus on blood-brain barrier (BBB) and blood-saliva barrier (BSB).
  • You investigate the transport of potential biomarkers (proteins, ncRNA) and biomarker sources (e.g. exosomes) across the BBB and BSB.
  • You are interested in non-invasive biomarker liquid sources such as saliva and verify causal links between disease status and the presence of related biomarker molecules.
  • You combine high-throughput screening methods and cutting-edge cell culture models of the BBB and BSB to evaluate the relevance of biomarkers.
  • You study the role of the micro-environment on barrier functionality under healthy and disease conditions.
  • You implement novel methods to follow the intracellular fate of biomarker molecules
  • You support and supervise Master and PhD students in the lab, publish results in leading scientific journals and write project proposals.
    You obtain validated cell culture models of the BBB and BSB and elucidate species differences.
    You are integrated in an interdisciplinary team evaluating in vitro/in vivo correlations

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