Wageningen University

Are you an ambitious crop scientist, plant ecologist or ecophysiologist with a keen interest in small-scale university education and the use of modelling approaches? Then we have an interesting lecturer position at Wageningen Plant Science for you.

You will join the Centre for Crop Systems Analysis (CSA), a dynamic and committed team of staff working together on various aspects of crop physiology, crop ecology, weed ecology, and the agro-ecology of pests and diseases. Your focus will be to contribute to education by improving current courses and developing teaching tools that optimally make use of the digital environment, in a structured manner. As our field has moved into the age of quantitative biology, it is more imperative than ever to train students in use and development of quantitative techniques. But the challenge lies in doing this in an effective way that tailors to individual knowledge and skills of course participants. This falls in line with the ambition of Wageningen University to enhance the small-scale character of its education with the help of digitization. Small-scale education and the digitization contribute to a positive work environment and an effective and attractive process of skills and knowledge transfer.

You will spend about 70% of your time on coursework and field-based teaching but will also be encouraged and supported to pursue your own scientific research (30% of time).

For your teaching and research, you will have access to world-class experimental facilities and instruments. The majority of your teaching will be in English. To support you in your role, you will join the Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Program that is adopted by all universities in the Netherlands.

Contact information
For more information about this position, please contact Paul Struik, professor of Crop Physiology, +31 317 48 42 46, [email protected], or Niels Anten, professor of Crop and Weed Ecology, +31 317 48 47 72, [email protected].

Do you want to apply?

You can apply directly using the apply button on the vacancy page on our website which will allow us to process your personal information with your approval.

This vacancy will be listed up to and including 13 December 2021. We hope to schedule the first job interviews on soon after closing date.

To apply for this job please visit www.connexys.nl.