Biochemistry and Plant Molecular Biology (CNRS/INRAE/Univ Montepellier/SupAgro

The position is in the frame of the ERC grant “HyArchi: Targeting Root Hydraulic Architecture to Improve Crops under Drought “in the B&PMP lab that have world-wide recognized records in transport and stress physiology.

The HyArchi project focuses on maize roots under water stress. It explores novel aspects of their plasticity and provides a multidimensional understanding of their water transport function, by considering the integration of hydraulic, growth and signaling processes within root architecture.

The post-doctoral researcher will identify the hormonal and molecular components (genes, ncRNAs, peptides, hormones…) involved in local and systemic signaling in response to a locally applied water deficit. Based on a unique split root system already settled in the team, sap and root tissues will be sampled for metabolomics and transcriptomic analysis. A central computational approach will be to build regulatory gene networks to identify master regulators involved in local or systemic responses. Candidate genes will be characterized using functional genomics and molecular physiology in both maize and Arabidopsis.

The position is open for 2 years. We are seeking a highly motivated and independent scientist with a strong background in computational biology, plant genetics and molecular biology techniques.

Applications should be sent Dr. Philippe Nacry ([email protected]).

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