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Research challenges – Despite the recognition of the positive effect of EPS on soil structure and decades of research on the industrial potential of EPS (e.g. as bio lubricants, thickener and preservatives), the use of EPS-based products in agriculture as soil improver is still very limited. In addition, our knowledge on EPS composition, structure and function, is far from complete. Gaining understanding of the role of EPS in determining soil structure and aggregate stability and elucidation of the mechanisms that regulate the biosynthesis of EPS in soils, could enable the use of EPS-based solution in agriculture to improve soil structure and prevent soil degradation.

Function Requirements – We are looking for a highly motivated soil scientist with a strong interest in (soil) microbiology, chemistry and with an affinity for agriculture (MSc degree). The ideal candidates should be a team player with excellent communication skills. Knowledge of microbial characterization and experience with microbiome analyses is considered an advantage.

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