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Driven by pressing national challenges (nitrogen, biodiversity, climate adaptation, water quality, etc.), Dutch farmers need to adapt drastically in the coming years. Preferably, they do so in a way that also relieves the pressure caused by the (perceived) need for upscaling production, rising input cost and high land prices. Specific challenges and opportunities, however, will vary from farmer to farmer, and from one area to the other, depending on personal, social, biophysical and economic factors. You will investigate how these factors influence the response of farmers to area-specific targets and potential (spatial) policy instruments.

In this PhD position, you will look for factors that allow us to anticipate farmers reactions to particular policies. In doing so, you will be collaborating with two other PhD students, one working on the environmental dimension, the other one working on the legal/policy dimension to support this transition. Prevailing methods are interviews, surveys, analysis of existing data. Eventually, all obtained knowledge will be captured in an agent-based model that allows the rural development in response to particular (spatial) policies. Additionally, the analysis and exploration of farmers response will ultimately result in a set of guidelines for practice.

The project is attached to the Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning (LSP) group at Wageningen University. Do you want to know more about our work at the Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning (LSP) group? Check out our page with news, recent publications and projects.

Contact information
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This position will be open until filled. 

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