Wageningen University

The chair group Horticulture and Product Physiology of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is offering a PhD position which is the opportunity you are looking for.

You will be developing and employing a 3D functional structural plant (FSP) model that unlike standard crop models, can capture the complex dynamics of plant architectural responses to greenhouse environment. A number of strategic combinations of growth conditions will be experimentally investigated in greenhouses or climate rooms and you will use the results to further develop and calibrate the FSP model. This model will be capable of exploring relations between multiple growth conditions and plant architecture and crop production. Cucumber is used as a model crop, because it is an economically important vegetable crop, it will be one of the first crops that is automatically harvested (for which an adapted crop architecture is very important) and its architecture is very responsive to growth conditions.

This PhD position is one of the 27 PhD positions within the SYNERGIA NWO research programme  Synergia (technology4ecology.org). SYNERGIA builds knowledge at the interface of biology, technology and society to develop new sustainable strategies for the agriculture sector, such as systems for intelligent decision making in greenhouses. In the programme five Dutch universities in the fields of life sciences, technology, and social sciences cooperate with various agricultural partners and about thirty technology companies.


Function Requirements

  • A PhD candidate with an MSc degree in Plant Sciences, Plant Biology, Applied Mathematics or a related discipline;
  • Experience in plant modelling is required;
  • Experience with conducting greenhouse or climate room experiments would be welcomed;
  • A proven ability to think conceptually;
  • You are a result-driven team player with creative ideas
  • You have excellent communication skills as well as good proficiency in English (both oral and written).


Contact information

For more information about this function you can contact Prof. dr Leo Marcelis, e-mail: [email protected] or dr Ep Heuvelink, [email protected].
For more information about the procedure, please contact [email protected].Do you want to apply?

You can apply directly using the apply button on the vacancy page on our website which will allow us to process your personal information with your approval.
This vacancy is open until 12 November 2021.

To apply for this job please visit www.connexys.nl.