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A PhD position is available at the University of Bern (Switzerland). The research project aims at determining the role of organic nitrogen (N) for plant performance. There is increasing evidence that plants not only use ammonium or nitrate as N source, but also acquire organic N, e.g. amino acids and small peptides, from the soil. It remains however unclear how much the direct uptake of organic nitrogen contributes to plant nitrogen needs. Our research has contributed considerably to the current understanding of the uptake and reallocation of organic N in plants. We intend to extend this research by exploring Arabidopsis accessions with altered regulation of organic N utilisation.
The international and interdisciplinary research environment at the Institute of Plant Sciences and the University of Bern offers an excellent opportunity for career development.
We are looking for strongly motivated candidates interested in molecular genetics, as well as plant cell and molecular biology.

The position requires an MSc degree in biology or biochemistry and qualifications in plant molecular  biology, plant physiology, genetics, cell biology or biochemistry.

The single pdf file should include a CV, description of research interests, names and contact details of two reference persons.

Please contact: Prof. Dr. Doris Rentsch, [email protected]

To apply for this job please visit