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Do you find processes at the subcellular scale intriguing? Do you want to find out how they contribute to important plant developmental decisions? Are you pursuing a PhD studentship where you become part of a collaborative academic environment? Then you might be the candidate we are looking for!

We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated PhD candidate to work on a fundamental project to study the impact of intercellular communication on plant cell identity formation. You will work with advanced microscopy and transcriptomic methods to uncover the cellular mechanisms behind this.

Virtually all plant tissues grow and develop by means of a select population of stem cells that recurrently undergo division. These stem cell properties are controlled by a host of signals from surrounding tissues. In this project we want to find out the signals and their targets that travel via the unique, direct communication system available to plant cells: the plasmodesmata. These small channels allow the passage of various signalling molecules in a controlled and dynamic manner. Owing to a simple lay-out of its tissues, this project will primarily use the moss Physcomitrium patens as a model system.

The project will take place in the laboratory of Cell Biology as part of a larger Plant Developmental Biology research cluster. You will be part of a team working on plant intercellular communication led by Dr. Jeroen de Keijzer.

Do you want more information?
For more information about this function, please contact Dr. Jeroen de Keijzer, project lead by e-mail; [email protected].
For more information about the procedure, please contact [email protected].
General information about the laboratory of Cell Biology can be found on wur.nl.

This vacancy will be listed up to and including 24 April 2021.
We hope to schedule the first job interviews from 16 May onwards.

To apply for this job please visit www.connexys.nl.